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Satinder Sartaaj - Eney Ku Pal ਏਨੇ ਕੁ ਪਲ (Video)

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Love when lost, leaves a heart in pain. Remember the lost love with this soulful Punjabi sad song Ene Ku Pal By Satinder Sartaaj featuring Aditi Sharma.

Masa Main Ene Ku Pal Jode, Kamliye.. Pyar De Hunde Ne Din Thode

Wakhta'an Da Baniya Ae Lobhi, Ditte Hue Pla'an Nu Na Mode

The sensation Satinder Sartaaj is back in the UK this March and April via Skystar Media Join him as he returns to the GREATEST stage on earth!


#Bradford - 27th March ~ St George’s Hall

#Birmingham - 28th March ~ Symphony Hall

#Wolverhampton - 29th March ~ Grand Theatre

#Leicester - 4th April ~ De Montfort Hall

#Newcastle - 5th April ~ Theatre Royal

#London - 9th April ~ Royal Albert Hall

Book now and dont miss out on one of the greatest experiences!

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