Jaz Dhami, Arjun - Running Away (Video)

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Watch the video for the track titled Running Away by Jaz Dhami & Arjun. Music is by V!V, Amaar Baz while the lyrics have been penned by Jaz Dhami, Kay V Singh, V!V!

They're the nice guys of the British Desi scene, Jaz Dhami and Arjun started their musical careers around the same time, a decade ago. Being two of the most popular artists from the UK, this collaboration took it's sweet time.

"Jaz and I have been friends for many years now so this song felt like a great opportunity to collaborate and fuse our two styles." Arjun said he connected to the song immediately, "When Jaz first played me this vibe, the first thing that came to my mind was that its something I've never heard in Punjabi before - the trap, atmospheric, airy mood of the song felt really fresh."

Jaz adds the pair had been talking about getting in the studio for a while, "The song had to be right, and we both had to be in the same country! Mad to think how quickly this actually happened, we're recording the song one week, the following week we're in South London shooting the video."

Produced by Birmingham boys V!V and Amaar Baz (formerly known as the Studio Pirates) the song truly is a British affair, with a touch of the North American influence from co-writer Kay V Singh.

Sticking with the Brits though, Jaz had a clear vision for the video "the song is so wavey, so vibey that I needed that to be reflected in the energy of the video. Arjun and I had never done a song like this before, so I wanted to make a video I'd never made before, Adeel Kureshii executed that vision to a T."

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